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Fall 2006: Terry & Pam's China Trip    



Airport welcome
At Harbin Medical University
New friends from Harbin
Lotus Lane
With friendly hosts
The Great Wall
2005: Mother's Day Gathering    



Happy birthday!
Activities for the kids
 Monthly Gatherings    



Steve Goodenow, gueast-speaker
Message of love
Friends from China
The monthly gatherings are always well attended with Internationals from all over the world
Two new Asian friends
Friends from Columbia
 Bible Study Groups    
Children are always welcome: Richard & Michelle
Aunt Pam
International friends, with Terry and Pam Tiberio
Long-time ISF member Steve Fukwo & family (Ghana)
 ISF Picnics    
Children are always having a good time
Swinging at the playground
Where there is smoke, there is hot dogs and hamburgers
The best hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked here
Traditional American picnic food, as well as ethnic foods are served and shared at this traditional summer picnic
Fun and games never end
 ISF Annual Christmas Banquets    
Soldiers and Sailors building, in Oakland, site of the Annual Christmas Banquet for Internationals
Harpist plays at Christmas Banquet
Terry Tiberio announces a performance
Indian Group singing at Christmas Banquet
Friends at Christmas Banquet
The Arabic group performs a Christmas song, lead by Dr. Imad Jarjour, former ISF president
Trip to Moraine Park - 1
Trip to Moraine Park - 2
Trip to Moraine Park - 3
Trip to Moraine Park - 4
Trip to Moraine Park - 5
Trip to Moraine Park - 6