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Who Is the ISF?

The International Student Fellowship (ISF) is a university-related organization designed to befriend and assist Internationals. We want to be helpful and extend friendship to all nationalities. Our name pretty well identifies who we are:


Our supportive efforts are toward all Internationals regardless of which country they come from.


Our main focus is toward the students-persons who have come to pursue their education in our educational and cultural centers. Ours welcome is also extended to Internationals who have come to either visit or live in the Greater Pittsburgh area.


Through our meetings and the cordiality of our homes, we wish to provide a friendliness which enables internationals to feel they have a "home away from home"

When Did ISF Get Started?

Since 1960 until this date, we have functioned as an International organization, primarily within the community of Pittsburgh colleges and universities.

What Can ISF Do For Me?

There are three basic areas of helps that ISF offers: ASSISTANCE IN ADJUSTING

When International come to America, they immediately encounter cultural differences which sometimes require drastic adjustments. There are dietary differences, language diversities, classroom challenges, and climate changes. With these personal encounters before them, Internationals appreciate any assistance we give them. Therefore, Internationals are encourages to never hesitate to ask for help. We desire to help them to adapt in any way we can.


We provide monthly meetings, including delicious American and nationality dinners. National holidays are accented and recognition is given to various counties represented in our gatherings. We have an annual picnic in Schenley Park and also sponsor a large Christmas banquet in the third floor ballroom of the soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall. The Banquet includes choral and musical participation by a member of nationality groups, and every child receive s a gift. Surely the Christmas Banquet is one of the highlights of our ISF cultural activities.


We offer wholesome study discussions that will provide both intellectual and spiritual challenge to those Internationals so inclined. All participating can feel assured of a spirit of mutual respect and warm friendship.