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Nutritional systems


we provide free comprehensive nutritional analysis for potential patients and advise them on the best supplementation from four lines of superb nutritional/supplement systems that are available through our office. These are:

  1. intraMAX

    Containing over 415 nutrients, IntraMAX are a mineral and nutrient supplement products that are made out of 100% natural liquids. IntraMAX are some of the most scientifically advanced, clinically proven, health promoting organic nutritional supplements available today and since they are100% organic,they are by-far some of the safest. There are no known side affects to IntraMax. The intraMAX system is produced by Drucker Labs.


    Qivana is unique in the industry with the approach to product development. The Qivana founders, in conjunction with world-renown naturopathic physician Dr. Marcus Laux, developed a philosophy that the best approach to physical improvement, core balance and core strength is to utilize multiple products in a systematic approach. It’s a system that not only promotes improved health, but it also promotes long-term activity in our Independent Business Owners and customers alike.

    We have scoured the earth to find powerful, time-tested ingredients that will deliver the benefits you need. Alone, each ingredient is impressive. But taken together in a synergistic system that complements each product's attributes, they are nothing short of remarkable.

    Qivana’s Qore™ System is a practical health regimen created with world-class natural products. The system follows a very simple 3-step philosophy—Stabilize, Vitalize, and Optimize.

    STABILIZE your intestinal flora daily with Qore™ Probiotics to build immune defense and enhance nutrient absorption.

    VITALIZE your system daily with Qore™ Essentials, a proprietary blend of proven healing herbs from Asia for enhanced energy and protection.

    OPTIMIZE your well-being each quarter with a free* body cleansing with Qore™ Detox.


    Biofreeze Pain Relieving products are the most widely-used and confidently- recommended products by hands-on health professionals for over 15 years. It is the pain reliever of choice for chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and athletic trainers.


    Standard Process Inc. has been manufacturing Whole Food Supplements Since 1929.


  (please call 724-935-3300 regarding availability of these and additional supplements/products)
Doctor's Pride Aler-ease $14.00 Extras Back Chair Support $35.00
  Calm Tabs "100" $7.00   Biofreeze $12.00
  Charcoal Capsules $9.00   Calm Natural $23.00
  Chelated Calcium $8.00   Dynamic Allergstop $22.00
  Clear Nasal Wash $18.00   Memory Foam Pillow $35.00
  Gastro Fiber $19.00   Pro DHA $26.00
  L-Arginine $8.00   Pro Co-Q10 $32.00
  Liquid Glucosamine $30.00   Pro EPA $28.00
  Liquid Nutrivital $28.00   Pro EPA 120 capsules $50.00
  Liquid Whey Protein $40.00   Tens Unit $60.00
  Meta Trim $14.00   Vitamin D3 $16.00
  Red Rice Yeast $16.00   IntraMax (1st bottle) $65.00
  Remedy Fem-Forte $10.00   IntraMax (2nd bottle) $70.00
  Super Snooze $10.00   Pleasant Mood $14.00
  Whey Protein $40.00   Inflam-Ease $13.00
Chiropractor's Blend Adrenals $32.00   Zinc Pinncele $12.00
  Body Lean $38.00   Vascu Flow $36.00
  Bone 200 $20.00   Chiro Flow $60.00
  Children's Gels $39.00   Seat Cushion $32.00
  CoQ10 $32.00   Ultra K2D3 $21.00
  Fruit Sample-$5 $32.00   Qore System $88.00
  Greens $35.00   Pro Omega Liquid $45.00
  Liver Cleanse $25.00   Nutri Calm $15.00
  Menopausal $28.00   Formula 303 $12.00
  Osteo $30.00   Disc Guard $22.00
  PH 50 Protein Greens Adv. $44.00   Estro Vera $30.00
  Reds $39.00   Cal Ap. Forte $27.00
Meleuca Activate Immune $15.00   Vitamin D3 $15.00
  Nutra View $22.00   Probiotic complete $17.50