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Every Wednesday morning, from 9:05 a.m. to 9:55 a.m., Dr. Peter Peduzzi hosts the popular "Back Talk" radio show. You can listen to it on Channel 620 AM KBH, in most of south-western Pennsylvania.

During the first part of the show, Dr. Peduzzi informs the listeners about VAX-D therapy, its clinical application in treating low-back conditions, and research conducted in this area. You are encouraged to call-in with your questions at 412-825-6262.

During the second part of the show, Dr. Peduzzi speaks on different health topics involving nutrition, prevention of various diseases, and health maintenance.

Listen and call-in with your questions!!

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to the radio show at,
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the show

The American Back Centers and Dr. Dennis Miskovich were featured in a recent TV news broadcast on Pittsburgh's Channel 11. Mike Rosen, M.D., Channel 11's medical reporter, authored the story.

NBC televised this TV news broadcast nationwide, on several occasions.

Below, you can read the transcript from this broadcast.

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Launch the Real Video clip

Anchor Peggy Finnegan:

…a breakthrough approach to back pain that doesn’t require surgery, acupuncture or medicine.  The fact is: 9 out of every 10 people experience an episode of back pain at some point in their lives.  Many don’t find relief from traditional treatments.  Ch 11’s Dr. Mike Rosen is live with extra coverage of a device that’s stretching the pain away. Mike?

  Dr. Mike Rosen:

Yes, Peggy, this is VAX-D.  It stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression.  Whie it looks it’s a bit uncomfortable, a lot of folks with back pain say it gives them a lot of relief…Kurt Hoellein wondered if he would ever get back to working out.  Three years ago when he was just 24, he injured himself lifting a box while on a job.  He knew instantly something was wrong.


  Kurt Hoellein:

…and I twisted as I was lifting it and I felt something tearing and actually it was very painful.


  Dr. Mike Rosen:

Pain medicines, chiropractic treatments, even surgery to remove a disc – none of them helped get rid of the pain in the long run.


  Kurt Hoellein:

I would feel it when I woke up, when I went to sleep, when I walked around during a day…it was…the pain was always there.



[scene from the James Bond movie “Thunderbolt” starts]

  James Bond:

… and what’s this?



A motorized traction table for stretching the spine.  Some patients call it ‘ the rack’



[scene from the James Bond movie “Thunderbolt” ends]
  Dr. Mike Rosen:

Remember that scene from ‘Thunderbolt’ … where James Bond is stuck on … the rack?  Well, take away the sinister spies and you almost have what hass finally given patients like Kurt and Bob Morrison here … relief”.


  Bob Morrison:

As soon as the table starts to pull you just have the pain, just instantly goes away…


  Dr. Mike Rosen:

This is VAX-D. It’s a table of modern day rack, if you will, that gently stretches on the lower spine pulling on the pelvis, while the patient holds on onto these grips. The thinking is that by pulling a part of a vertebrae it relives the pressure on an intervertebral discs, the shock absorbers of the back.


  Bob Morrison:

Just picture yourself hanging just hanging on a tree or a chin-up bar, and someone, maybe like your kid, a 60-70 pound kid, holding onto your waist and pulling down.  That’s what it feels like.  There is no pain”.


  Dr. Dennis Miskovich:

… It takes 60 seconds for us to achieve what we want to achieve.  And then the table will release and the patient rests for one minute.”


  Dr. Mike Rosen:

And then the cycle repeats 15 times over a 30-minute period.  A normal treatment course lasts 20 sessions.  It’s felt VAX-D not only strengthens ligaments around the disc, it also creates such a negative pressure inside the disc that herniations and buldges get sucked in.”


  Dr. Dennis Miskovich:

The criss-crossing fibers of the disc that make up the walls of the disc called  annulus… they are actually being stretched and they are actually being tighten up almost as if you are tightening up shoestrings”.


  Dr. Mike Rosen:

Dr. Miskovich says that makes the walls of the disc stronger, and he says that disc may even gain height, which is a good thing.  Studies have shown a 70% success rate in relieving chronicle back pain, including pain caused by herniated discs.  That’s what Kurt had, and once he started getting VAX-D treatments he noticed significant change almost immediately.”


  Kurt Hoellein:

“I walked in hunched in.  I could not actually put one foot in front of the other.  I was actually hobbling, and I guess, after about a week and a half I was upright and able to move around”.



[scene from the James Bond movie “Thunderbolt” starts]


… Thank God!  You could have been killed…



[scene from the James Bond movie “Thunderbolt” ends]

  Dr. Mike Rosen:

…And unlike James Bond, you can see Kurt is now completely pain free.  You think it was because of this? ”.


  Kurt Hoellein:

I know it was because of this.


  Dr. Mike Rosen:

Now, VAX-D is only for low back pain.  It is not for, for example, neck pain.  It doesn’t have any significant complications associated with it except for, perhaps, the cost.  It does run between 4 to 6 thousand dollars per full course of treatment.  However, a lot of insurance policies including workmen’s comp will pay for it.  For more information you can log onto our web site at or VAXD.ORG.